[Review] The Haunted by Bentley Little —

Right off the bat, the cover for Bentley Little's novel, The Haunted lets you know you're in for one hell of a ride as your eyes are drawn to its ominous dark pit. Do those hands belong to helpless souls trying to claw their way out from some type of prison? Or is it an evil presence, lying dormant, waiting to claim its next victim? If you are familiar with Bentley Little's work the answer could be either one. The Haunted tells the story of a man named Julian who moves into a new home with hi

Black Christmas (2006) —

Full disclosure, the original Black Christmas is one of my favorite horror films of all time. It's eery and atmospheric, full of great characters, and holds a gripping mystery throughout its runtime. After receiving the blessing from the original's director Bob Clark, Glen Morgan had rather big shoes to fill. It was wise for Morgan to realize lightning doesn't strike twice and rather than trying to duplicate the original film he did what Rob Zombie would do a year later with Halloween; use the t

Drag Me to Hell (2009) —

Last year will be one that we all talk about and reflect on for the rest of our lives. Although I hope everyone still managed to have good things come out of 2020, we can all agree it was still pretty crappy. However, now we can all cheer over the fact that we made it through and can look forward to what the future holds while also counting our blessings. To help ease into the new year I wanted my first review of 2021 to be a film where the main character also has the worst year of their life, a